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2021-2022 School Year Start of School Notice/開學通知

Please be advised that the 2021-22 academic year of CCA Chinese School will begin on 12 September 2021. Classes in the morning session run from 10.30am to 12.30 pm, while those in the afternoon 1.00pm to 3.00pm.

All classes will take place on the first floor of the center of Colchester Chinese Association. To ensure a safe and order school environment, based on the resolutions passed in the school meeting, we decided to have the following arrangements:

Classes in the morning session:

Early Years II

GCSE Class

A-level Class

Classes in the afternoon session:

Early Years I

Beginners I

Beginners II

Beginners III


- will receive notice about class time from their teachers

- are required to wipe their hands with hand sanitizer when entering the centre

- will be instructed to clean their hands again when the class begins.

- wearing of mask for students is discretionary.


- cannot stay in the lobby on the first floor

- can enter the lobby only if they need to pay school fee, buy textbook/workbook or make enquires.

- are advised to be vigilant of their children’s physical health and make sure they are fit to attend classes. If their children are unwell, they must stay at home and inform the school.

Teachers and teaching assistants:

- need to clean their hands before class and wear a mask throughout the lesson.

School administration team and volunteers:

- must wear a mask when providing support to teaching


- The school has specially assigned a person to clean the stairs handrails, toilets and the desks/chairs of the classrooms before the start of both class sessions.


- Parents who need to buy textbooks/workbooks can pay cash.

School fee:

- Cash payment is acceptable after the start of the school year if parents have not paid through online or mobile banking.

CCA Chinese School is a weekend school. The lobby on the first floor of the centre is an ideal place for the parents to take a rest after they have sent their children to class. However, under the present situations of the pandemic of covid-19, it is not appropriate to have it open to all for this purpose. The school apologized to parents for any inconvenience that may cause.

CCA Chinese School

7 September 2021

9月12日,CCA中文学校21至22度学年开学了,学校在每星期天分上下午班二段時间上课,分別是上午10点30分至12点30分和中午1点至下午3点。地点在高切斯特华人协会二楼。为学生安全有序上课,经学校开会决定: 上午班分别是 幼儿二班 GCSE班 A-level 下午班分别是 幼儿一班 初级一班 初级二班 初级三班 学生:将收到各班老师的通知告知其上课时段。要求在进入华人会时用消毒液擦手,开始上课时由老师、助教分咐再次手部清洁。可自行决定戴口罩或者不戴。 家长:不能在二楼大堂停留,只在有事查詢。如交学費、书費等。建议家长关注其子女当天是否适合当天前往上课,如有不适请留在家中并通知学校。 老师、助教:上课前清洁手,在课堂上全程戴口罩。 行政人员:离开座位、需要協助时要配戴口罩。 清洁:学校在上课当天有专人在二段上课前用消毒液清擦楼梯扶手,厕所和课室枱櫈。 课本:需要购买课本的家长可支付现金。 学費:如不方便银行转帐的家长,开学后接受现金缴付。 CCA中文学校是一所周末学校,家長送子女到学校学中文,学校大堂是歇息的理想之處。无奈,目前还不是时侯。为此学校向家长致歉。 CCA中文学校 2021年9月7日

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