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特別的中秋 給特別的你 This special Mid-autumn Festival is for you specially


一箱箱不同種類的食品;萍果、月餅和米等放在CCA走廊,我們CCA擺 "Sunday Market"嗎?不是。原來,這是協會準備運送給長者的"CCA2020中秋關懷禮品"在進行中。




特別感謝所有為今次活動贊助、捐助的商號及熱心人士。盛宴酒樓團隊、明哥為當天的活動準備了點心糕餅, 特此鳴謝。再次感謝大家的共同付出!祝中秋佳節快樂!



This Mid-Autumn Festival is special; it is for you, specially!

There were boxes of different kinds of food, apples, mooncakes, rice, etc. displaying in the corridor of CCA Centre. Was there a Sunday Market taken place in CCA Centre? No, these were the groceries of “CCA 2020 Mid-autumn Groceries Gift Pack” to be delivered to our senior members.

Under the lead of CCA Executive Members collective donations, the event was carried out smoothly. With the help from our dedicated volunteers, it ended with a great success!

Through this event, we would like to thank the senior generation for their dedication to the society. When they received our gifts, they sincerely thanked the Association through verbal expressions, e-mails, thank you cards, cheques, red packets, homegrown vegetables and homemade cakes. Their expressions of strong Chinese traditional human kindness are heartwarming; the simple and unpretentious friendship is worth treasuring.

Special thanks to all collective and individual sponsors and donors. Thanks to the staff of Banquet Chinese Restaurant and Stanley Cheng for preparing dim sum for all participants during the preparation. Thank you again for the joined efforts by different parties! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

CCA Executive Committee

30 September 2020

30 September 2020

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