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CCA 获颁社区表彰奖 CCA nominated to receive Community Recognition Award



高彻斯特市市长推薦高徹斯特華人協會接受社区表彰奖,以表揚本会会员在新冠肺炎爆发期間作出各种善举, 支持本地社區。 一旦社交距离指引放宽后,我们将获颁发一面牌匾及书面证书。


CCA 執委会


获奖通知 Nomination Email:

奖状 Certificate:

Dear members,

Good news.

The mayor of Colchester recommended Colchester Chinese Association to receive the COMMUNITY RECOGNITION AWARD for our members’ various good deeds to support the local communities throughout the pandemic ( Covid-19) period. We will be presented with a plaque and a printed certificate once guidance on social distancing has been relaxed.

Thank you to all members for your endeavour in supporting our local communities.

CCA Executive Committee,

21 August 2020

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