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CCA按摩部重启服务 Reopening of CCA Massage Service




2-顾客需要在前门等待通知, 方可进入。 (将有通告在门上张贴)

3-进入CCA时,顾客及其随行同伴需佩戴面罩。 将有洗手液提供,并須测量体温。

4-每位顾客只可有一名同伴在一楼接待區等候 。



7-如顾客同意,治疗室门在治疗期间会保持微开, 以便加强空气流通。




预约请致电07534 652805联络Kelly。

CCA 執委会


Dear members,

CCA massage service proposed to resume on 30 July (Thursday) under the following procedure:

1-appointments will be by prior booking only, no walk in appointment will be accepted.

2-clients will wait at the front door to be let in.(Notice will be displayed at the front door.)

3-on entry into CCA, clients and their companion will be required to wear face covering. Hand sanitizer will be available and body temperature will be taken.

4- each client will be allowed 1 companion waiting in the 1st floor reception area.

5- proprietor will be wearing personal protective equipment at all time.

6- clients will be provided with paper body covering during treatment ( during warm season)

7- treatment room door can be left ajar with the agreement of customer during treatment period to allow enhanced ventilation.

8-all equipment used including treatment couch will be thoroughly cleaned after each treatment.

9- stair hand railing leading to the 1st floor will be cleaned after each session.

10-we will require contact details of each client and their companion including date of treatment to be recorded and kept.

For appointments, please contact Kelly at 07534 652805.

CCA Executive Committee,

21 July 2020

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