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為本地前線醫護人員籌款 (完結) Fund-raising for local front-line healthcare workers (Final)


在會長輝哥、彼得叔和鋒哥的見證下,點算了MM超市籌款箱,188.50英鎊,連同之前的6,090英鎊,這次為地方醫院前綫醫護人員一共籌得6,278.50英鎊。我們會將籌得的款項全數捐給至"local hospital charity specifically for Covid19 front line workers",待收到確認证明再轉給大家。再次感謝您們!




Dear members,

In the presence of Chairman Fai, Uncle Peter and Ken, the amount collected from the fundraising box at MM Supermarket was counted and confirmed to be £188.50. Together with the previous amount of £6,090 from donations through bank transfer, a total of £6,278.50 was raised for front-line workers of local hospitals. We will donate the money in full to the "local hospital charity for Covid19 front line workers". Once we have received the acknowledgement from the charity, we will forward it for members’ reference. Thank you for your support again!

Wishing you all the best!

CCA Executive Committee,

13 May 2020

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