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CCA中文学校2019/2020年第三学期上课通知 CCA Chinese School Notice on Third Term Course 2019/20







这是学校的银行账户信息,Colchester Chinese learning centre, sort code 20-19-97, account number 83229483。请家长通过Mobile Banking 或Online Banking 付款,并在reference 栏写上学生的名字。








CCA Chinese School

Notice on Third Term Course 2019-20

Dear Parents,

Please be informed that our school will start the third term of the current school year after Easter holidays. Recently, our school's online teaching has been quite a success through teachers’ dedication, parents and students' active support and the administration staff’s close collaboration. At present, as the outbreak in the U.K. is still serious, following our careful consideration, we have decided that online teaching would be continued in the third term.

The details are as follows:

(1) Tuition fees

Due to the suspension of the school for 3 weeks in the previous term, current students (except for those of GCSE class**) are entitled to a deduction of £14 in the tuition fee, i.e. £36 each for the whole term. The first sibling is also entitled to a further deduction of £5, and the second sibling a further deduction of £10, and so on.

(2) Payment Method

Parents are requested to pay through Mobile Banking or Online Banking and write the student's name in the reference column.

Details of our school’s bank account:

Account Name: Colchester Chinese Learning Centre

Sort code: 20-19-97

Account number: 83229483

(3) Class time: Same as last term

(4) School dates: From 26 April 2020 to the end of the term (12 July 2020)

Thank you for your cooperation!

CCA Chinese School

15 April 2020

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