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CCA中文学校停课通知 Class Suspension of CCA Chinese


鉴于意大利受COVID-19感染人数急增,而刚过的学中假期,英国民众到意大利旅遊回來已构成公共安全威协。为消除顾虑,经昨晚学校紧急会议决定:我校除GCSE 班外,其余班于2020年3月1日(星期天)停课,特此通知。


注:GCSE 中文试在今年5月举行,为不影响考生的的学习进度,学校决定此班于3月1日上课,在上课期间,学校会采取措施,减低风险。



Dear Parents,

Due to the sharp increase in the number of people infected with COVID-19 in Italy, the return of British nationals from the country after half-term break has already constituted a public safety concern in the U.K. Following an emergency meeting of the school last night, we hereby announce that, except for our GCSE class, the rest of the classes will be suspended on 1 March 2020. The school will monitor the latest developments and make further announcement accordingly in due course.

Note: GCSE exam will be held in May and in order not to affect the learning progress of the students, our school has decided that the GCSE class will be resumed on 1 March 2020. Our school will take necessary measures to minimize the potential health risk during the course.

CCA Chinese School

27 February 2020

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