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CCA中文学校停课通知 (更新) Class Suspension of CCA Chinese School(update)


鉴于"“COVID-19"疫情未见改善,形势依然严峻,校方经评估后决定:CCA中文学校下周日(2月16日)继续暂停上课,2月23日为学中假期。学校会密切注意最新动态,二周后的安排再另行通知。特此通告。 祝 顺景安康! CCA中文学校 2020年2月12日

Dear parents,

As there is still no improvement in the outbreak of "COVID-19" and the threat remains serious and imminent, following careful consideration, we hereby announce that all classes of CCA Chinese School will continue to be suspended for the next two Sundays (i.e. 16/2 and 23/2, which is a half term holiday). The school will monitor the latest developments and make further announcement accordingly in due course. Wishing you all health, happiness and prosperity throughout the year!

CCA Chinese School 12 February 2020

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