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慶祝農曆新年 (取消) Chinese New Year Celebration 2020 (Cancelled)


新年好!鑒于"武漢肺炎"傳播性嚴重,經CCA委員會開會通過,決定取消2020年2月4日CCA庚子新年慶祝活動。特此通告。為自己的家園,他人的健康,謹請大家自覺做好防疫措施。 祝 吉祥安康! CCA 2020年1月27日 Dear Members, Happy New Year! Due to the potential health risk of coronavirus, following careful consideration, CCA Executive Committee hereby announce that the forth coming Chinese New Year Celebration will be cancelled. To continue to maintain your own well-being and others’ health, you are advised to take necessary precautions to minimize the possibilities of contracting and spreading the virus. Wishing you all the best! CCA 27 January 2020

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