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CCA中文学校庆祝圣诞 CCA Chinese School Christmas Celebration





特別鸣谢: CCA会员珍姐赞助的抽奖礼物。 CCA会员June 提供的叉烧酥。 CCA会长张永辉为活动提供的食品、饮料、抽奖礼物和老师的礼物。

The Christmas Celebration of CCA Chinese School was held on 15 December 2019. Under the guidance of teachers, students made their own Christmas cards and entered their own versions of greetings. Students learnt Chinese through taking part in this festival celebration. Some classes made Christmas cards and others made paper Christmas trees. Their works created much festive atmosphere during the event. With the help of teaching team, the school prepared a Christmas gift to each student. Thanks to the parents’ support and students’ participation.

The association has lent a great support to Chinese school. The Chairman and members of the Executive Committee attended the event and prepared plenty of food, drinks and organized a lucky draw. Thanks also to The Luscious Chinese Bakery who sponsored us with two celebration cakes.

The development of CCA Chinese School depends on the enthusiasm of the dedicated teaching team, the support of school administration and the active participation of parents. We would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the association for facilitating school activities.

Today, CCA Chinese school is in good spirits. The cake-cutting ceremony and the lucky draw enabled Christmas holidays to start in a joyous atmosphere. Merry Christmas to you all and wishing you a prosperous New Year!

Special thanks to: CCA member Suk Chun Wong for sponsoring gifts CCA member June Stone for her delicious pastry CCA Chairman Wing Fai Cheung for the provision of food, beverages, prizes for the lucky draw and gifts to teaching team

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