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CCA賀中秋 Celebrating Mid-autumn Festival in CCA

丹桂飘香,一轮明月寄相思 。时光的车轮碾过一道深深的痕迹,留下金秋的收获。 



隨後協會太極班的學員進行了表現。CCA中文学校小小班演唱《一,二,三》。学生陈家輝和Joseph朗誦«三字經» 。学校舞蹈組表演舞蹈Reflection 。CCA中文学校師生(Hannah和陈老师)女声重唱巜大魚》。GCSE 中文班段天潤同學的小提琴獨奏。中文学校初級二班的手語舞《我们的月亮一定圆》。

中文成人班罗叔和Fatima 朗读对话《北京的街道》。鄧先生吹奏洞蕭曲: <平湖秋月> 。





更多相片 More photos 。。。



Ocean Star Food Supplies Ltd 月餅50盒。


Worldwide Food Supplies Ltd 月饼10盒。


Golden Oriental 25包5kg 大米。

刘顺均先生 20盒月饼。

李啟源先生 20盒月饼。






The heady fragrance of laurel blossoms wafted through the fresh air. The full moon in the sky bridged lovers thousands of miles apart, conveying their yearning for each other. The wheel of time has run over autumn and left behind the trail of a good harvest of the season.

The Mid-autumn Festival Celebration 2018 of CCA was held on 25 September. It was declared open at about 5.30pm by the Master and Mistress of Ceremonies, Mr. Stanley Cheng and Ms Maggie Chen.

The celebration began with our Chairman’s opening speech. He appreciated the support from members and people from all walks of life. He also encouraged us to be united and keep up with the times in order to better serve the local citizens, especially those of Chinese descent.

It was followed by the performance of Tai Chi Class; violin solo by Sunny Duan, a student of GCSE Mandarin Class; the demonstration of some elegant poses of yoga by our special guest, Ms Lo and the singing of the song “123” by the Early Years Mandarin Class of CCA Chinese School. The representatives of Adult Mandarin Class, uncle Law and Fatima, also gave a Mandarin dialogue on “The streets of Beijing”.

Afterwards, the evening entertainment continued with the following shows presented by CCA Chinese School: the dance “Reflection” by the Dancing Team; the Sign Language in Dance “Our moon is always full” by the Beginners II Mandarin Class; the duet on “Big fish” by teacher and student, Maggie Chen and Hannah; the reciting of Three Character Classic by Jiahui Chen and Joseph Tang.

And last but not least, the dong xiao solo on “Autumn Moon on a Clam Lake”, presented by Mr. Peter Tang, ended the outdoor variety show with its smooth and enchanting melody.

Thank you to all these performers for their wonderful performances, they enhanced the merry festive atmosphere of our celebration.

With the active participation of our members and the support from the guests of all walks of life, our buffet dinner was fully subscribed. The highlight of the evening is the raffle, which took place at the same time when the dinner was being served. The grand prize was a £500 return ticket from London to Asia regions. Congratulations to Ms Lai Ying Cheung, she was the lucky winner!

That evening, in the company of the bright and clear moonlight, we gathered in CCA as members of a big family, sharing the joy of the season. We had a lovely time with family and friends while enjoying the hearty Mid-autumn buffet dinner.

The celebration finished successfully in a wave of joyous laughter from our members, especially on receiving mooncakes from CCA.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

We would like to express our gratitude to the following companies and individuals for their generous sponsorships:

基哥, Ocean Star Foods Supplies Ltd, 50 boxes of mooncakes

民仔, Worldwide Foods Supplies Ltd, 10 boxes of Mooncakes

金东方, Golden Oriental, 25 bags of 5kg-rice

刘顺均先生, 20 boxes of mooncakes

Tommy Lee, Member of CCA Executive Committee, 20 boxes of mooncakes

London Hong Kong Restaurant, Heathrow Airport, 10kg of seafood

Man and Mary Hair Salon, 5 Cash coupons

Mr. Wai Hung Lai, Honorary Chairman of CCA Executive Committee, £200

Mr. Simon Cheung, Honorary Chairman of CCA Executive Committee, £165

Ms Lai Ying Cheung, £250

Our special thanks also go to the members of CCA Executive Committee for their sponsorship of a return ticket from London to Asian regions and the prizes for the raffle, food and beverages of the buffet dinner.

Finally, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation again for all the hard work and dedication provided by the CCA Executive Committee and the volunteers; the participation and support by the guest performers, members and their family; the donations by the company and individual sponsors. You all made our celebration such a great success, thank you!

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

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